Happy Dog for Dental Cleaning
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Why Clean My Pets Teeth?

Just like human’s our pets build plaque and calculus but without your help they can’t brush it off. The bacteria that comes from plaque leads to gingivitis, periodontal disease and gum recession. Once gum recession occurs it cannot grow back and can eventually lead to eating difficulties, and tooth loss.

Plaque & calculus harbour bacteria that can also contribute to other local and systemic conditions such as heart, liver and kidney diseases. We can remove this in about an hour allowing your pets immune system to focus on other areas of the body.

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Dental Tips

Dog Bad Breath

Bad breath in dogs is often an early warning sign of periodontal disease. By age three, 86% of dogs have some form of dental disease. Dental disease is the #1 illness affecting pets that can affect their heart, kidney and lungs.

As always, prevention is the best method – but if your dog already has bad breath, there are definitely things you can do to turn the tides and give them the freshest of breath!

1. Top Quality Dog Food

Some people worry that raw and canned foods are causes of dog bad breath. This is not the case at all. It is Carbohydrates in dog food that allow the greatest amount of plaque to form.

Make sure that you choose high-protein food with real meat and lots of water to avoid dehydration and other problems. Raw and freeze-dried raw food is best because it has zero carbohydrates and is balanced as a complete meal.

2. Brush Thy Teeth

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Dog Teeth Cleaning Vancouver
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Dog having dental trouble?

There are subtle cues that your dog is having dental trouble:

1. Shyness. If your pet ducks when someone pets their head or neck, they are likely feeling sensitive.

2. Loss of appetite. If your pet  picks kibble out of her bowl and drops it on the floor, that’s the pet equivalent of pushing food around—and a sign that eating hurts.

3. Gums are more red than pink. As in humans, red, inflamed tissue means an infection is lurking.

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Dogs beat the heat
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Dog Too Hot?

Beat the Sun & Heat

Pets are smarter than we give them credit for, and prefer staying at home and laying on cool surfaces, like your tiled kitchen floor, in the heat of the day. By taking your daily walk, run or visit to the park either before or after the sun is at its hottest, the air will be easier for your pet to breathe and the ground will be cooler on the pads of their paws.

We have accessories that can also help your pet beat the heat, such as:

  • Gel cooling jacket
  • Gel Chilly neck bandanas
  • Gel Pads
  • Sport socks
freeze dried raw food
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What is Freeze Dried Raw Food?

  1. All products start as frozen, raw patties, mixers or nuggets. At this stage, all moisture in the product is ice.
  2. The product goes into the freeze-dryer which applies a vacuum while at extremely cold temperatures.
  3. While in the freeze-dryer, ice changes to water vapor turning the frozen product to dry without ever thawing out.
  4. After 20 hours in the freeze-dryer, the product has transformed into shelf stable, freeze-dried patties, mixers or nuggets ready for packaging.