We are OPEN! Additional personal sanitation protocols are in place to protect ourselves and customers. While we are back up and running at most of our locations we are not offering home visit appointments at this time.

To check-in for your appointment please wait by our dental sign placed outside the store. We will fetch your dog and preform our service wearing a mask.

Dog & Cat Teeth Cleaning

No sedation teeth cleaning is a safe and affordable way to maintain your pet’s oral health. Pets can live healthier for longer with good oral hygiene.

  • 86% of dogs & cats by age 3 have some form of dental disease.

  • Dental disease is the #1 illness affecting pets that can affect their heart, kidney and lungs.

Dental Disease is Preventable!

Our certified, professional technician will provide high-level oral care to your 4 legged friend. Our goal is to improve and support your dog’s oral health with an all-natural, trauma-free dental experiences. We are finished in about an hour.

Signs of oral health trouble

  • bad breath

  • bleeding/inflamed gums

  • drooling

  • pawing at mouth

  • loose teeth

  • loss of appetite

  • excessive chewing

  • not playing with toys

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