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Why choose a raw diet?

Dogs’ and cats’ digestive systems were designed to eat mainly a raw meat diet. A raw diet provides a range of benefits for both your pet and you!

Benefits of Feeding Raw

There are many benefits you will see in your pet if you decide to feed raw.

Teeth will be cleaner.

  • Bone matter in the food helps naturally remove plaque and bacteria.
  • No more brushing your dog’s teeth and significantly reduced vet bills due to gum disease or other dental issues.
  • No more bad breath because of cleaner gums and teeth.
  • 95% of dogs and cats will have dental problems requiring correction at some point in their lives; feeding raw is a great way to combat these problems.

Glossier and fuller coats.

  • A raw diet has the potential to get rid of or reduce hot spots and allergies.

Pets produce less waste.

  • A raw diet has no unnecessary filler, so the pet uses most of their meal with minimal waste, meaning there is less clean-up for the owner.

Pets are more energetic.

  • Pets spend less of their energy on digestion, because the naturally high pH levels in their stomach can process raw food quicker.

Reduced foreign matter from pet’s digestive system.

  • Less chance of pets contracting disease from their food.
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