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MarchMar 14 2019 UTC

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Dog and Cat 'No Sedation' Dental Cleaning Clinic


During your visit at Sidney Pet Centre in Sidney we at Dashing Dogs Dental will provide...


>Visual examination of teeth and overall oral health
>Remove bacteria causing tarter & plaque
>Polish teeth and stains
>Pet report card
>Takes about an hour


We can have the plaque removed in about an hour for a flat fee of $199 for dogs and $239 for cats. If your pet's mouth cannot be cleared or they cannot sit for a full hour because of age or health we can break the appointment up for an additional fee of $50, however this rarely occurs.


Dental disease is preventable plaque & calculus harbour bacteria that can also contribute to conditions such as heart, liver and kidney diseases. Just like human’s our pets build plaque and calculus but without your help they can’t brush it off. The bacteria that comes from plaque leads to gingivitis, periodontal disease and gum recession.

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Sidney Pet Centre


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Sidney Pet Centre
9769 5th Street
Sidney, B.C.
Ph: +1 250-656-3314