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Teeth Cleaning FAQ’s

  • Flat Fee Dogs under 40lbs $199
  • Flat Fee Dogs over 40lbs $229
  • Flat Fee Dogs over 80lbs $249
  • Flat Fee Cats $239
  • Flat Fee Puppy Intro $99
  • Home visit $299 - inquire at

Puppy Teeth Introduction – Meant for puppies under 1 year of age in for cuddles, mouth touching, toothbrushing, awareness and play. We scale any plaque and overall introduce our service to them so they start feeling comfortable. We will have your pet for 30 minute and then provide a 15 minute teeth brushing session with pet parents.

We are well trained in pet behaviour, pet handling and teeth scaling techniques. However, there are some things to note about your appointment.

We take cues from your pet and do not charge if we are unable to start working with your anxious pet.

If your pet's mouth cannot be cleared in an hour due to anxiety or age we will break the appointment up for an additional fee of $50, this is for their wellbeing but rarely occurs.

If a customer books an appointment and chooses to cancel after consultation, our fee is $50.

We do have a 24 hour cancelation policy.

  • Remove tartar, plaque
  • Brush stains, teeth & gums
  • Pet report card
  • Takes about an hour
  • Review of our session

Teeth care should be considered an extension of care in the grooming process and overall pet care. We all want to do our best for our fur babies.

Look for brown or yellow build-up on teeth. If you are unsure, we can check plaque for you and then book you an appointment as needed.

Your animal will not experience any pain.
We are scaling off plaque just like you humans have experienced.

We rely on our ‘pet-whispering’ skills to establish a trusting relationship with each animal and at the same time use gentle relaxation techniques, which allow the pet to feel safe and comfortable. Even fussy pets with challenging personalities are usually very cooperative. On the rare occasion, but it does happen, some may even fall asleep.

We opt to hand scale your pets' teeth keeping the noise level to a minimum.

Yes, we have a sterile kit of tools we use for the day for each individual animal. At the end of the day we sterilize our tools in a chlorhexidine solution.

Just like humans as part of regular pet care it’s best to have your pets' teeth cleaned every 6 months.

Pets with oral health issues are always referred to your veterinarian for treatment. Pets who are known biters and aggressive personalities are not eligible.

Although we manually scale teeth’s surface and under the gum line there are circumstances where we might not be able to remove your pet’s tartar. We do not diagnose diseases, pull teeth or X-Rays, these services are left to veterinarians.

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We support your pet store, groom salon, vet clinic, doggie daycare, etc. by offering an additional service to your valued customers.

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