There are subtle cues that your dog is having dental trouble:

1. Shyness. If your pet ducks when someone pets their head or neck, they are likely feeling sensitive.

2. Loss of appetite. If your pet  picks kibble out of her bowl and drops it on the floor, that’s the pet equivalent of pushing food around—and a sign that eating hurts.

3. Gums are more red than pink. As in humans, red, inflamed tissue means an infection is lurking.

4. Ignores chew toys. Gnawing on a toy is no fun when her gums ache.

5. Smelly breath. Pets should have sweet breath with no overwhelming scent. A stinky mouth is a sign of decay.

Happy Dog for Dental Cleaning
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Why Clean My Pets Teeth?

Just like human’s our pets build plaque and calculus but without your help they can’t brush it off. The bacteria that comes from plaque leads to gingivitis, periodontal disease and gum recession. Once gum recession occurs it cannot grow back and can eventually lead to eating difficulties, and tooth loss.

Plaque & calculus harbour bacteria that can also contribute to other local and systemic conditions such as heart, liver and kidney diseases. We can remove this in about an hour allowing your pets immune system to focus on other areas of the body.