Originally owner owner obtained training in the United States at the only state Vet taught, academically recognized, and accredited training program. The program focuses specifically on No Sedation Pet Teeth Cleaning. Today our pet teeth techs are hired based on expertise in the Veterinary field and pet handling experience. They then are certified in pet first aid, are given extensive behavior training, and are put through the same U.S. training program.

Pets bring a lifetime of love and joy and it is up to us to provide optimal care. Our goal is to provide a comfortable experience for both pet and their humans alike.

Our sterilization procedure is the same as you would find at a human Dentest. Instruments are sharp and sterilized and ready to use for each animal.

Our business has grown through genuine care, passion and reputation over the years. Dashing Dogs Dental offers its no sedation teeth cleaning services at dozens of locations across Greater Vancouver, Interior, Vancouver Island/Gulf Islands and the Okanagan.

Vancouver Dashing Dogs Owner